HAPPY NEW YEAR- Thankyou to each and everyone of you for your enthusiasm and support for my small business. Some times that support comes in the form of a face to face connection, sometimes through word of mouth and also through the meta verse.

However it comes, however big or small it is, however close or far it is and whatever form it comes in I'd like to genuinely thank you for being part of this journey.

Fukubukuro bags are a fun New Years tradition in Japan looked forward to by many. People are known to queue at their favourite stores as Fukubukuro bags are released. They are always a surprise of mystery goods and offer great value, often up to 50% off.

There may be some things in the bag for the lucky purchaser, while other things they may gift or add to their present cupboard.

I am not a fan of Black Friday, Cyber Monday, mid-season and boxing day sales and the like. They promote over consumption and over production, poor decisions in purchasing, excessive spending and excessive waste. It's not just your end price that is discounted it is the whole supply chain paying for it, and it comes at a cost to our work force and the planet.

Fukobokura feels different for me- it's an opportunity to extend some generosity and gratitude and have a bit of fun selecting popular stock items that I know you'll love. 

Each Fukubukuro bundle comes wrapped in a cotton furoshiki wrapping cloth valued at $25 and contains a selection of goods, mostly from Japan that I know you'll love, valued at over $160 for only $80.

The images include the sort of things you can expect to receive.

Available for a short time only.

Limited stock available.

Limit of 2 per customer please :-)