Introducing my edit of 5 genderless fragrances from this very impressive scent collection:- Ambre & Èpices 302, Oriental 401, Woody 601, Aromatique 701              Spècial 902.

It was not an easy choice but I am attracted to the woody, heady & spicy notes that are for the most part a little more masculine than feminine and that's what I've chosen to share with you. I hope you can visit my store for sampling. Alternatively get in touch and I can post you a complimentary set of cotton card tester strips.

Contemporary Parisian Perfume


Bon Parfumeur offers a range of 27 eaux de parfums created by eleven talented French perfumers and divided into ten olfactory categories. Unique, unisex fragrances that can be combined with each other.

It is a traditional perfumery, made in France with exceptional ingredients. An arty and chaotic perfumery, where everyone is free to test, mix or collect their fragrances.

"I've always loved perfumes. The real artistic perfumery…. I like an authentic and creative perfume and that my perfume of the day matches my desire of the moment. It is from this idea that Bon Parfumeur was born. Since then, renowned French perfumers have joined me in this adventure to bring to life the fragrances of this beautiful house where everyone is free to be and create."

Ludovic Bonneton, founder

Ambre & Èpices 302 

Eau de parfum. Amber and spices.

A sensual amber, woody and spicy. A spicy note that flirts with the power of amber. The cold accent of the incense contrasts with the heat of the amber, for an intoxicating paradoxical effect. A dry and woody base evokes the cedar and confronts the softness of sandalwood, while a balmy vanilla mix rounds the composition.  

Olfactive Family : spicy

Oriental 401 

Eau de parfum. Warmth of Cinnamon, Mirabelle liqueur.

The freshness of the cypress and elemi top notes transforms into hot spicy notes. The heart notes develop into dry woody and candied fruit notes. Then the powdery, balmy and animal base notes come through, creating a velvety sensation.

Olfactive Family : oriental

Spècial 902

Eau de parfum. Strength of the armagnac, softness of the vanilla.

Innocently fresh and citric at first, a spicy, powdery note turns woody, conjuring the dried leaves of autumn. Tobacco and vanilla tones echo and moments later, notes of leather and coffee unfold. Rich and gourmet… a perfume that evokes the aroma of Armagnac as it warms in your hand.

Olfactive Family : woody

Boisé 601

Eau de parfum. Heady vetiver, cedar and bergamot

In this creation, elegance reigns supreme. Pink pepper, grapefruit and bergamot turn on their charms, driving us crazy with their fresh bursting notes. At the heart of the fragrance, dazzling violet adds a floral dimension. We love the winning trio of woods in the background: cedar, sandalwood and vetiver. A distinguished fragrance signature that makes a strong impression.

Olfactive Family : woody

Aromatique 701

Eau de parfum. Eucalyptus. coriander, cypress

If you like to surprise, try this fragrance! It begins with substantial, slightly fruity freshness and a hint of bitterness lent by the duo of grapefruit and bergamot. 701 bursts with spices and aromatics; pepper, rosemary, coriander, eucalyptus, cypress – boom! They turn up the temperature and combine marvellously with the white wood, amber and frankincense. PS: Have you detected the hidden cannabis note?

Olfactive Family : aromatic