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Move away from the world of screens and devices and immerse yourself in some guided artful moments as you colour your way through these beautiful and thoughtfully presented high quality colouring books for grown ups. The perfect way to destress and relax. When your masterpiece is complete, tear it out at the perforation to frame and display.

Japanese Garden
For centuries, Japanese artists have honoured simple beauty in prints, paintings and books. This adult colouring book recreates 23 artworks for you to colour—images of flowers and trees, garden residents such as the bird and the butterfly, and in-the-moment scenes of people taking in the pleasures of these peaceful corners of the world.
A copy of the original print sits opposite your colouring "canvas" as a reference. Reflections from Lafcadio Hearn's In a Japanese Garden as well some works of the great haiku masters will inspire you as you apply pencils or fine markers to your page.

Floating Worlds
The floating world of Geisha, Kabuki actors, cherry blossoms and the majestic Mt. Fuji, includes 22 woodblock prints from the Ukiyo-e genre, all ready for the touch of your coloured pencils or fine markers. A copy of the richly-coloured original print sits opposite your colouring "canvas" to use as a reference, or not. Before beginning, enjoy a little of the story behind the image, as each print comes with a brief yet fascinating introduction to the original work. Altogether, it's the perfect way to relax and have fun with art.

Beautiful Women Japanese Prints                                                                        Celebrating 200 years of women in Japanese art—from the ukiyo-e woodblock prints of eighteenth and nineteenth-century traditional Japan to modern shin hanga prints of the early twentieth-century jazz era. This lavish fine art colouring book features 22 images of women from all walks of life—from court ladies to housewives—at work, at play and in contemplation.
With a wonderful section of prints of varying artistic complexity, this book is the perfect way to enjoy a slice of Japanese culture while having fun creating your own art. 
A copy of the richly coloured original print sits opposite your "canvas" to use as a reference, if desired, and each print is accompanied by a fascinating introduction to the context or the artist behind the work.