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Harekutani has been created in a form and design that is easy to use and adapts to modern lifestyles, while preserving the traditions handed down over the years.

Kutaniyaki was first produced in Kutaniyaki Village, Enuma County, Kaga Province (present-day Ishikawa Prefecture) in the early Edo period. Kutani-yaki is based on the five colors of red, yellow, green, purple, and navy blue, known as Kutani Gosai, and the depth of color created by the overlapping of the subdued colors gives it a profound flavor. 

Enjoy adding to your shared table time these charming dishes to be used as chopstick rest and/or sauce dish.

Beautifully gift boxed and presented as a set of 5.

Each dish measures W 37 x D 71  x H 8 mm