Native to Japan, raw Hinoki wood from the cypress family, has long been prized for building bathhouses and temples, and is celebrated for its clean appearance, antibacterial properties, fine grain, and longevity.

Made of Hinoki (Japanese cypress) from Kiso, Shinshu, the best material for bath products. This is a traditional Japanese cypress soap rest. The inner tray is removable for easy cleaning. It was made using a woodworking technique that has been used since the Edo period. It is a gem finished by inlaid woodworking technique without using nails. Japanese people have wooden baths, and it is said that the moment you sink into the bathtub is the most blissful moment of your life. The feel of the wood, the emotional warmth, the sound, and the fragrance. Yamaichi uses Japanese cypress from Kiso. Hinoki cypress contains a lot of essential oil and has a unique aroma. Sawara is the best material for making tubs. Its water resistance is superior to that of cypress.